ENASTIC wants to keep its international rank, and plans on having a bigger network of partners. An information measures and awareness campaign will be lead in order to capture the national and international demand.

It can already count on several government institutions: ARCEP, ADETIC and STPE, and phone providers such as Sotel Tchad, Airtel and Tigo. A national and international academic cooperation is already in place with the contribution of several African and French schools (see International tab). ENASTIC also relies on the support of all public or private institutions, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, communications agencies, diplomatic representatives and banking partners.


This “web” of partners is essential to the national and international development of ENASTIC. Students of ENASTIC are to become future engineers of these companies, their research will shape the future. These goals will only be met with the close cooperation of ENASTIC and its partners.