The ENASTIC school built a solid network of excellent partners in the ICT area. Agreements were made to give ENASTIC an international dimension and reinforce its expertise. ENASTIC works in collaboration with several African and European Schools.


The ESMT, created by seven countries of Western Africa due to a UN program, is a major actor in the ICT training. A real cooperation between ESMT and ENASTIC will strengthen both schools’ expertise.

The University of Limoges owns several departments specialized in ICT, and works with excellent laboratories on current ICT issues. ENASTIC and these departments work in synergy to pursue research on these issues.
The ESP is the most important training institute in Senegal. Its multitude of departments gives a great diversity of experts in numerous areas.
ESIEE is a broad-spectrum engineering school for new technologies. Several areas taught there, especially in information systems, are closely related to specific courses at ENASTIC.